Friday, March 21, 2014

Recycle Wood Furniture From Jodhpur.

Recycle Wood Furniture is one of the new trend in the manufacturing sector of Jodhpur Furniture Industry.
Recycle or Reclaimed Timber is obtained from various authentic old sources like demolished old building, wooden old architectural construction, old castles and havelis of Rajasthan, Gujarat and other North Part of India.
70% of authentic color remain preserved while making of piece of furniture, it make is more exotic and one of kind of furniture.
Every piece is different but identical due to usage of real reclaimed timber.
All kind of design and concepts are being made in reclaimed timber, this furniture also known color strip furniture or boat wood furniture .
Browse our own production pictures and have thoughts.

Recycle Wood Console Table, Drawers
Art Deco Style Cabinet, Glass Panel at upper side.
Console table in one row with view of the showroom at Jodhpur.
Bed Side Cabinet in recycle wood with Drawer at Jodhpur Factory.

Recycle Wooden Cloth Hanger with cast iron hooks. One of kind Furniture of Jodhpur.

Recycle Wood Shutter style panel bed side with Drawer
Art Deco Furniture. Reclaimed Recycle Wood, Authentic Reclaimed wood from real source.
Shutter Style Bed Side Cabinet, preserved colors.

Reclaim Timber TV unit.

View of Showroom, Boranada Industrial Area in Jodhpur, by Devendra Singh Tak.
Distressed Wooden Cabinet, Solid Wooden Furniture, Back made of Mango Wood or Acacia Wood.

Wooden Treasure box, one of kind, gift article
TV unit made from authentic recycle timber, color preserved before lacquer pictures.
Console Table. solid wooden, Reclaim wood furniture of Jodhpur.

Recycle Wood Cabinet with Glass Panels, One of kind unique piece.
Recycle Wood 4 panel Cabinet.

Reclaimed Solid Wooden Furniture Factory
Reclaimed Wooden Sideboard

Reclaimed Timber Furniture Manufacturer Factory Jodhpur
Reclaimed Timber Coffee Table

reclaimed industrial furniture Jodhpur
Industrial Reclaimed Wooden Sideboard

Jodhpur Wooden Furniture Factory
Vintage Reclaimed Timber Cabinet

Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Cabinet Jodhpur
Reclaimed Cabinet

Industrial Vintage Sideboard Jodhpur
Reclaimed Timber Iron Jali Sideboard

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vintage Industrial Furniture Manufacturing

Vintage Industrial Furniture, latest hot selling trend in the market. Unique One of Kind Metal furniture with rustic and antique finishes.
Usage of real old graffiti and design make them very unique, inspiration taken from mid 1900.
Most of Industrial furniture remain very rough and raw kind of while few are satin smooth and with pace with market demand.
Jodhpur is major manufacturing hub for Vintage Industrial Furniture across globe with lot of innovation and experiment going every day with so much new development for home and living.
Vinayak Art Inc. is decades old manufacturer of Industrial Furniture as well of acacia and sheesham wood with good client base in Europe and Far East and growing day by.

 Tubular Stool with Cast Iron Seat, Unique piece of Industrial Furniture.
 Spring Stool, Unique piece of Industrial Furniture, adjustable, chrome finish, rustic wooden top.
 A view from our showroom at Jodhpur for wide range vintage industrial furniture.
 A vintage pendant lamps, industrial design.
 A typical tent chair with solid and quality leather fitting, one of kind industrial furniture.
Vintage Pendant lamps, antique finish and smooth polish, CE certified electric fittings.
Cart Table, perfect example of Vintage Industrial Furniture, Raw Saw Wood, Cast Iron Fittings.

 Bar Stool , Industrial Design. one of kind, unique piece of furniture

Book Case, Huge Industrial Design

Tolix Stool and Chair, Yellow and White Color

Vintage Industrial Drawer, Natural Metal Finish. One of Kind., Unique piece of furniture

Vintage Industrial Pendant Lamps, CE and UL certified electric fitting and accessories, unique rustic pieces.

 Industrial Stool, Bar Stool with wooden top.
Crank Table with natural metal finish, tolix chairs,  Industrial Lamp with sanitry tubes and vintage wooden tray. true vintage pieces of decor.
 Industrial chair, baby size, rustic antique finish.
Sewing Machine Base Cast Iron Legs, Wooden Top, vintage old item, vintage pieces.

 Industrial Cast Iron Legs Crank Table.
 Eiffel Tower Style Industrial Side Table
 Industrial Lamp, Fusion of Real Bicycle parts.
 Industrial Lamp, usage of real meter and pipes.
 Antique finish Hand Pump Style Lamp. Industrial Lamp
 Container Style Side Board
 Container Style Cabinet
 Container Style Bed Side. Industrial Furniture
 Cast Iron Base, Wooden Top. Industrial Furniture.
Cart Cofffee Table, Cast Iron Attachment, Real Industrial Table with Rough Sawn Solid Wooden Top.

 Industrial Pendant Lamp, Antique Finish, Sky Blue Color.

 Industrial Pendant Lamp, Light color, one of kind

 Rustic White color Industrial Pendant Lamp

 Industrial Pendant Lamp, Retro Lamp

Industrial Pendant Lamp, Retro Lamp

 Rustic Antique Finish Industrial Lamp at Jodhpur

 Blue Color, rustic finish industrial lamp
Tolix Bar Stool, Tolix design chair without back.
Retro Chair, Round metalic Vintage Style.
Assorted Industrial Vintage Pendant Lamp

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