Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know About Indian Colonial Furniture

There is of lot Dark Brown Solid wooden furniture can seen across western markets, a hot selling in interior industry.
Colonial furniture was made for Britishshers while British Raj on India, purely hand crafted in solid wood. This furniture is reproduced as its just antique nowdays but produced in good quantity by skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan.
Solidness, strenght, beautifull grains of wood with smooth polish and indian style of carvings make is unique and one of kind.
Armoire, Office Desk,Bookshelf, Cupboard,Cabinet, Side Board, Curios have wide range of designs from skilled hands with perfect carving of Colonial Era on each piece.
Indian Colonial Furniture is evergreen in trends, always in fashion, demand, it has unique richness, a classs, a niche segment of its customer, strenght and a show of elegance, forever.

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