Thursday, February 25, 2010

About Sheesham ( shisham) Wood

Sheesham Wood ( Dalbergia sissoo ) is mainly found in Indian Subcontinent. It belong to Rosewoode family. Its a solid hard wood with qualities to made elegant durable home furniture.
Its mostly cultivated in Bihar, Eastern UP and Punjab Region of India.
Sheesham Wood have beautifull natural grains similar to Teak wood enhancing it looks.
Generally its strong and resistant to various termites but klin dried and chemically treated timber is preffered for long term results.
Besides Furniture it has various application like in flooring, boats, musical instruments, cricket bats etc.
1. Sheesham Wood is one the first most Hardest Wood.
2.It comes in two color tone like red and yellowish, increasing natural beauty
zebra like structure, due this quality, its able to match with any type
of interiors.
3. As its Solid Hard Wood and last for long, forever, its possible to change
the color of manufactured furniture any time with available stains of
your choice.

Nowdays, Indian Colonial Furniture i.e replica of Britsh Raj Era Solid Furniture, Massive Fruniture with Traditional Handcrafted Carvings is being manufactured and became fashion and trendy for each interiors in western market.
Sheesham wood furniture have extra elegance, solidness, strenght and above all richness of Bristish Era and Indian Traditions.
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