Thursday, December 14, 2017

Crank Table Factory India


Industrial Crank Table is made of heavy cast iron base with fittings of cranks and gears for adjusting height, fully functional table, precisely engineered worms and gears make smooth movement of table, reach up to height of `71 cm to 100 cm.
Crank tables comes in various forms like  heavy mechanic crank dining table, heavy mechanic coffee table, crank three leg restaurant table, metal sheet base crank table.
Fusion and variation of crank table like recycled and reclaimed parts and imitation copies of early lathe machines from USA vintage industries.
Rail – Train crank table, with heavy wheels of train and heavy beam in middle with worms and gears to operate , unique vintage railway replica furniture for home.
Many design and varieties are available in crank tables, smooth functioning, easy up and down movement with capacity to hold heavy tops.
Crank mechanism could be used in stool and small tables with same worm gears and smooth movement in miniature way.
Crank tables are replica of solid vintage machinery used in early 1900 , inspiration comes form old vintage machines and parts to have functional table for home, restaurants , bars, lounges etc.
It add solid rustic ambience, piece of heavy metal .
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Vintage Industrial Factory Manufacturer Jodhpur

Vintage Industrial Bar Hospitality Furniture
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Drafting Table Industrial Vintage Style

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Vintage Industrial Metal Locker

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Metal Riveted Industrial Design Bar Counter

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 Industrial Vintage Metal Cabinet
Furniture Manufacturer Exporter Jodhpur

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Crank Table Factory India

                                                Industrial Crank Table is made of heavy cast iron base with fittings of cranks and ...