Saturday, August 15, 2015

Industrial Style Furniture and Decor Jodhpur.

About Industrial Furniture and Decor.

Industrial Furniture is inspired by vintage industrial machinery of early industrial revolution period to new engineering ideas from machines.
Tables, Cabinet, Stool, Chair  all have some inputs of industrial bases and structure to give it typical machine kind look with comfort level of daily usage of each item.
Material used for industrial furniture remain rough and rustic often like metal and rough wood, reclaimed timber, this bring authentic industrial touch to furniture.
Rustic Metal , Natural Raw metal finish, old  vintage  look adds grace to furniture, innovative fusion and combination are frequently brought in market by creative team of designer with us.
Each Industrial Furniture and D├ęcor have usage and even multipurpose usage, due to usage of heavy metal and hardware, it remain for whole life, long lasting furniture, often have touch nostalgia of work place and factory which remain evergreen to human.

Vintage Industrial Style Furniture Catalog. Manufacturer and Supplier from Jodhpur.
One of Kind Pieces, Rustic and Old Finish. Solid Wooden and Metal with Rivets,
Dev Tak. Vinayak Art Inc. Jodhpur.