Tuesday, December 6, 2011

International Furniture Fair 2012 Jodhpur Cancelled

Its big unfortunate decision not to have prestigious Gem of Jodhpur, International Furniture Fair Jodhpur 2012.
List of sufferers is too big from Manufacturers, Traders, Agents, Hotels, Car rental , Guides and lot of the
indirect people engaged with activities of this fair.
Its realy Unfair not to have Fair at Jodhpur.
Jodhpur being western most, desert, remote, under developed big city in Rajasthan needs such events,
Furniture and Handicrafts sector provides huge employment opportunity in Jodhpur as well as in neighboring
places in interiors and rural parts.
Certainly this cancellation of fair is going to effect so many people. Quiet kiddish excuse was given that
Jodhpur do not have direct international flights, well when for successful 2 years it bring positive results,
what went wrong at 3rd year..Why sudden need to direct international flight while we do not have
regular flights to any where else then Delhi and Mumbai.
Everyone wished that it remained at Jodhpur for benefit of manufacturer and buyers.

Vintage Industrial Furniture & Recycled Wood Colored Furniture

Vintage Industrial Furniture & Recycled Wood Colored Furniture are talk of the town these day, very new trend and fashion.
Higher in demand across Europe and North America.
Vintage Industrial Furniture is made of Iron, it imitate solid looks of old style
machines, solid steel rivets, thick iron sheet work, iron wheels, even container like variety of various useful piece of Furniture.
Its like when we see a old steam Engine, Dark Iron Color, Raw kind of Work but solid and strong. Great combination of wood and iron with antique finish coloring with inspiration from past machinery and industrial equipments.

Recycled wood furniture is made by reclaimed wood from old object and putting layer in as it is condition to various furniture object. wonderfull pieces, real intact pieces of wood taken from various sources, real colors, antique look.