Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jodhpur Furniture Fair 2011

Great News,
Jodhpur Furniture Fair 2011 is announced, its exciting new for all concerned people,
last year it was a sucessfull exhibition attracting huge crowd of overseas customers with display of latest and extraordinary latest developments in Jodhpur Furniture and Handicrafts Industry.
Jodhpur Furniture fair 2011 is exptect to be held in first week of March 2011 i.e from 5th march to 8 march of 2011.
Rush in, great place visit , Jodhpur, the blue city .
Jodhpur Furniture Fair will held on 6 March to 8 March 2011, it is also known as Indian Furniture & Accessories Show.

Monday, March 15, 2010

International Fruniture Trade Fair in Jodhpur 2010

Furniture fair started from 13 Mach to 15 March, a three day event for International Buyers at Jodhpur.
It is considered very sucessfull and shows what Jodhpur has too offer to world, in furniture and interior market. It gave great advantage to regular buyers and customer to see manufacturing units, display showroom of suppliers. From years buyers visits stall of supplier and place order but this time they have chance to evluate the capcity of supplier, factory, machinery, wooden stock, skilled workers involved and all process and satisfactory analysis of supplying and quality capacity of supplier.

In recent Jodhpur has emerged as leading manufacturing hub as well trading hub for Solid Wooden Furniture, Handicrafts, Curios and Collectibles on global map. It opened direct gates of factories for buyers to select from million of designs and solid suppliers.
This fair was extremely sucessfull,so many wide range of new innovative latest development on showcase, exclusive range of home decorative and collectibles from India.
All the arrangments and patterns were upto mark and of international level, huge display stalls,amzing decoration of each stall, amount of space displaying architectural marvel of Rajasthan, direct manufactuer to buyer interections and discussions.
This trade fair will bring growth to furniture and handicraft industry of Jodhpr as well of Rajasthan.
Overall a sucessfull international trade fair of furniture and furnishing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

About Sheesham ( shisham) Wood

Sheesham Wood ( Dalbergia sissoo ) is mainly found in Indian Subcontinent. It belong to Rosewoode family. Its a solid hard wood with qualities to made elegant durable home furniture.
Its mostly cultivated in Bihar, Eastern UP and Punjab Region of India.
Sheesham Wood have beautifull natural grains similar to Teak wood enhancing it looks.
Generally its strong and resistant to various termites but klin dried and chemically treated timber is preffered for long term results.
Besides Furniture it has various application like in flooring, boats, musical instruments, cricket bats etc.
1. Sheesham Wood is one the first most Hardest Wood.
2.It comes in two color tone like red and yellowish, increasing natural beauty
zebra like structure, due this quality, its able to match with any type
of interiors.
3. As its Solid Hard Wood and last for long, forever, its possible to change
the color of manufactured furniture any time with available stains of
your choice.

Nowdays, Indian Colonial Furniture i.e replica of Britsh Raj Era Solid Furniture, Massive Fruniture with Traditional Handcrafted Carvings is being manufactured and became fashion and trendy for each interiors in western market.
Sheesham wood furniture have extra elegance, solidness, strenght and above all richness of Bristish Era and Indian Traditions.
Visit this web site for more on Indian Furniture.

Architectural Handicrafts from Jalore in Rajasthan

Jalore is situated at South Wester part of Rajasthan, have proximity with State of Gujarat.
Rajasthan is well known for its architectural tradition, colorfull culture, enormous handcrafted monuments from centuries, masterpiece architectural work and handicrafted creations since ages.
Jalore has rich tradion of making handcrafted colorfull various small decorative as well bigger architectural handicrafts , like Indian Swing ( Jhula or Jhoola) in so many design and fusion,
figurines, Mandaps, Gates, Chairs, Tables, Animal Carvings and so on.
This art is ages old and perfect fusion of Rajasthan and Gujarat culture and Tradition of Handmade marvels.
Explore some of artifacts at for better understanding.

Know About Indian Colonial Furniture

There is of lot Dark Brown Solid wooden furniture can seen across western markets, a hot selling in interior industry.
Colonial furniture was made for Britishshers while British Raj on India, purely hand crafted in solid wood. This furniture is reproduced as its just antique nowdays but produced in good quantity by skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan.
Solidness, strenght, beautifull grains of wood with smooth polish and indian style of carvings make is unique and one of kind.
Armoire, Office Desk,Bookshelf, Cupboard,Cabinet, Side Board, Curios have wide range of designs from skilled hands with perfect carving of Colonial Era on each piece.
Indian Colonial Furniture is evergreen in trends, always in fashion, demand, it has unique richness, a classs, a niche segment of its customer, strenght and a show of elegance, forever.